Revise and Co goal planner

secret sauce to planning a year in a single day. 

Planning establishes a direction for the future. You aim for a target and pursue a goal when you have a plan. Go through the process of figuring out what your life’s most important goals are and what your innermost ambitions are. Find your overarching objective for the coming year, and then live your life purposefully working toward it.   You can plan a tremendously fruitful year if you have the necessary resources and some dedicated time.  Discover our secret sauce to planning a year in a single day.

Separate a day specifically for planning.

This may sound so simple, but it’s so effective.  Begin by clearing your schedule for one day, preferably before the start of a new year. Make it fun! Book a hotel room, order food and bring your Revise and Co. Goal Planner and journal. Make sure to remove all distractions and set yourself up for a planning and brainstorming session. Give yourself permission to invest time and money in yourself. It will change your life.

Bring all of the planning materials.

When we are focused, goal-setting sessions go more smoothly. The secret to planning a year in one day is to avoid getting sidetracked.  We suggest  a mini shopping trip before your actual planning day. Grab all the materials that you need for planning and bring everything with you. Here is a list of supplies you should have with you so that you can concentrate on planning the year in one sitting:

  • Revise & Co. Goal Planner
  • Journal
  • Diary
  • Pens
  • Highliters
  • Markers
  • A white foam board
  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Inspiring literature/Bible
  • Favorite playlist

Bring Intention and Focus

Intention and focus are very important. At the end of the day you determine how much effort you place on planning and how much you want to get done. Your attitude and your focus will decide a lot. It will influence your productivity, your inspirations and even the plan of action for the year. It’s you vs. you. If you want great plans for this coming year, then you need to make choices now that will propel you to a better position. It might come off harsh, but this is meant to motivate you to not waste the time and the financial investment you have made. Be encouraged and go take action. You are worthy of a well planned life.

Choose a great goal planner.

One of the hardest parts about setting a goal is knowing where to start. Let’s get real for a moment, you can clear your schedule, book a hotel room, remove all distractions but if you don’t have a great goal planner you are basically walking in blindly and hoping for the best.

The Revise Co. Goal Planner was developed for this reason. An excellent goal-setting tool to help you with year-long planning. Learn how to set goals, how to stick to a plan, and how to complete them. The planner also includes monthly and weekly calendar pages.

Having a great goal planner is important to planning an entire year in a day. Reserve your copy of the Revise & Co. Goal Planner today.

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