So you bought the planner and you have set some amazing goals for yourself.  This is the year you promise to fill out the planner and use it from cover to cover. So how do you stick to your goal?  How do you use your planner daily and effectively? How do you actually use a planner from cover to cover?   Here are four awesome ways on how to actually complete your entire planner this year.

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The MOST important RULE on how to actually complete your planner this year is to invest in a gorgeous planner. That’s right, the first thing that you should do is find a planner that you are going to enjoy looking at. It needs to look beautiful on your desk; it needs to inspire you to take it out at Starbucks.  Listen, I want you to be proud of your planner. I want you to get all the feels about it. If you don’t like it, you aren’t going to use it.  Choose something cute and save the ugly, plain planner for someone else. You have so much to accomplish, you need all the inspiration you can get!!


The second most important RULE to follow, is look inside at planner’s the layout. The layout needs to work for you. Look inside the planner and see what it offers. Look at the design on the pages.  Check out the yearly, monthly and weekly break down. Is that a flow that you can work with? Does that layout inspire you?  Remember, it’s not about finding the perfect planner, it’s about finding one that will work for you.


The third RULE to follow, is to see if it offers accountability checkpoints. I know how challenging it can be to stick to the planner mid year.  We might let routines relax a little bit and we kind of veer off path a bit. That’s when having accountability check points helps you get back on track.  Look for planners like Revise & Co.’s Yearly Planner that offer check ins, accountability calls, a facebook group and even 7 days challenges that can help re-route you.

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Finally, the last RULE is to reward yourself.   Be sure to plan a great reward for yourself to keep you motivated. Working towards a huge goal can be so rewarding in and of itself, but having that extra treat is going to multiply your efforts.