We can all think back to a time in our lives when we felt kind of stuck.  When we strived to achieve more than the current situation we found ourselves in. Perhaps you are there right now.  You want to change the current climate you are in and want to find yourself at a better place next year. The key is to establish a great goal, but how do you establish good goals? and how you do accomplish them in a year? Check out this post for more suggestions on HOW TO ACCOMPLISH A GREAT GOAL IN A YEAR?


Start BIG! The first step on how to create amazing habits that stick is to start by establishing your BIG GOAL! If you have a copy of the Goal Planner, you know exactly what I am talking about. In the planner we explore self-awareness and have a guided brainstorming session that helps you determine your BIG GOAL. This is the big dream, the big factor that you would like to reach for yourself. That can be on a personal level, or work level; but it can also encompass any facet of your life.  The goal is to identify what that BIG GOAL is for you, write it down and internalize it.

Mini Goals

The next step of the process is to break down your BIG GOAL into Mini Goals. We like to compare this to eating a large cookie. While it might be possible to stick an entire cookie into your mouth, it is definitely easier to eat it in smaller bites. It’s the same with a BIG GOAL, you might be able to accomplish a big goal at once, but when you break it down into MINI GOALS it’s a lot easier to accomplish. In the Revise Goal Planner we teach you how to break down your Big Goal into twelve Mini Goals; that’s one mini goal per month.  You can break down your goal into as many mini goals as you desire. Be specific with your mini goal and make sure that it helps you accomplish your Big Goal.

Small Steps

Daily Actions

Daily actions add up to the Big Goals we set for ourselves. Make it a priority to be intentional about the daily actions you take, as they will directly support your Small Steps. Consistent little actions have a HUGE effect on you, helping you build good habits and transforming you into who you were truly meant to be.