We can all agree that the holidays are the busiest time of the year. With all the festivities, shopping, cooking and gatherings there is very little time to stay on track and goal-focused. But what if there is a better way? What if you can have your cake and eat it too?  What if you can plan ahead and prioritize yourself even during the holidays? I want to share a couple of ways on How to stay on track with your goals during the Holidays.


To stay on track with your goals during the Holidays, might be harder but it is not impossible. The trick is to have a plan of action. Start by knowing and setting the goals that you want to reach. Know what your priorities for the season are, don’t just guess.  The first step is to clearly identify what you want to accomplish. Establish the non-negotiable, so that you know exactly where you want to be at the end of the merriest season. If you need help with setting, establishing or figuring out  what your life goals are then be sure to get The Revise &Co Goal Planner. It will change your life.


Plan for your season by sitting down with a fantastic monthly calendar. That’s correct; list the tasks that help you achieve your goals first and then add your seasonal stuff.  You must develop the ability to prioritize both. Daily events and holiday celebrations will take place, but you get to decide when. Therefore, purchasing a calendar is your first move. Reserve that time for yourself as you sit with it and make your goal.


Track your seasonal life. We have one of the best seasonal planners in the market: the HOLIDAY SEASON CALENDAR. You can download the pdf, print it at home, or you can purchase a copy during our annual Holiday Season sale ( limited quantities, while-supplies-last). This masterful holiday calendar is a 4 month calendar (October-January). It includes check-off lists, shopping lists, menu planner, gift tracker, budget tracker, and of course a goal tracker.

But whichever calendar or planner you select, make sure you stay on track by scheduling downtime for rest, rewards, and fun; in addition to the celebrations and the goal tracking. When you place these suggestions can help you TO STAY ON TRACK WITH YOUR GOALS DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON.