At the start of a new year, we are usually looking for new ways to improve ourselves. We want to become a better version of who we were the previous year. Perhaps you have been through an incredible life event that has left you wanting a lifestyle change. In any case, you are looking to grow as a person by creating amazing habits that stick.

Life changes happen over time. While an instant change would be nice, it is important to note that change is a process.  Creating habits takes time, creating amazing habits takes both time and effort. Similar to farming, investing in the growing process is necessary to obtain a high-quality result. During the planting season, you must be careful and diligent. Everything that we wish to accomplish well demands our whole focus. So how do we create amazing habits that stick? Here is the process:


Start off with a bang! Establishing a BIG Goal must be your first step. Check out our article on  HOW TO ACCOMPLISH A GREAT YEARLY GOAL, where we detail all the processes involved in setting up a Big Goal. Then, discover how to turn that Big Goal into smaller, more manageable goals and daily actions.

revise and co goals to habits diagram
  1. Establish a Big Goal
  2. Break down Big Goal into Mini Goals.
  3. Break down Mini Goals into Small Steps.
  4. Take Small steps and further break them down into Daily Actions.

= Create habits.

Turn Daily Actions into habits.

You have now established a set of daily actions that ensure you are walking straight towards your goals and doing that on the daily. You have a clear purpose and clear set of actions.  So the question remains: how do we create amazing habits that stick?  the answer is simple… you stay consistent.

Be consistent in taking daily actions.

At this point, you might be feeling underwhelmed. You might have hoped to undertake something more challenging because you still have a Big Goal to accomplish. However, the reality is that it’s the tiny, regular, daily acts that enable us to achieve huge goals. In order to achieve the significant objective you have set for yourself, you must be constant and focus on the details.

This is a really challenging task, so hold yourself accountable and document your efforts with the planner. Committing to the same action every day until the desired result is obtained requires great resolve and a strong desire. When you perform those daily actions, a habit is created.